Birds of a Different Feather

I love birds. But not in the cool way like I know a lot about them. It’s more in the less cool way when one smacks into my window, I take it inside and pet it until it wakes up terrified, and then it flies around loose in my apartment.

I know a little about birds. Not enough to identify my little rescue as a certain species when I call the vet, but enough to tell him, “I don’t know, it looks like it might be one of those little hoppy birds … the ones that hop around on the pavement at fast food restaurants.”

I do apparently possess an impressive ability to habitually misjudge the seriousness of situations as they occur. For example, I call my friend to say, “I have a baby birdie!” He says, “No you don’t.” I reply, “Oh yes I do, and I love him.”

So, when I think that my bird has taken a turn for the worse, I call my friend again. He doesn’t answer. But I know that if I call him back immediately, he’ll understand the severity of the situation, excuse himself from whatever corporate meeting he might be attending and help me.

As it turns out, and as it was explained to me, my bird was not actually an emergency. That doesn’t mean I didn’t cry when I thought he wouldn’t make it. I prayed as I left him on the balcony out of the reach of city kitties. I thanked the Lord silently when I realized that my birdie was okay. And days later, I still think about my rescue which I affectionately named “Peter.”

In less than 30 minutes, this little critter left an impression on me that still lingers. If this small bird is still on my mind, think how much of an impact you can have on others!

It doesn’t take a long time to make a difference in someone’s life; you don’t have to be a big shot to change the world. God directed a widow and ravens to care for Elijah in 1 Kings! So, smile and be kind. And don’t be so proud as to not allow people to be kind to you either. You won’t always be the victim and you certainly won’t always be the hero, but you will be remembered.

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