New Adventures

I stare into the backseat of my car, curious as to how my dog, Oscar, is going to respond to this new adventure! In nearly 10 years, although a rescue, Oscar has demonstrated zero fear in response to anything. I sit straight up in my bed alarmed on the Fourth of July. The sounds of […]

Like A Boss

I think you fully realize you are a grown-up when a 13-year-old child tells you, “You don’t know how to have fun.” You absolutely know that you are a grown-up when your instinctive reply is, “Whatever, I’ll have you know I have a puzzle I intend to work. 1,000 pieces!” And, as if there were […]

Old Habits

I am not spontaneous. What I am is most certainly a creature of habit. My business grants me all the excitement I can handle and makes it incredibly important to me that I establish and maintain what little routine my profession allows. Ergo, I take the same exit at least three times a week because, […]


“How are you today?” An honest question deserves an honest answer so I reply simply, “Well, I haven’t cried since 2 a.m., I accidently got trapped in a parking lot that I couldn’t intentionally get out of, and it’s almost noon so … I’d say I’m definitely on the upswing!” The truth is, I am […]

All I Ever Wanted

I was recently offered and accepted a job that I thought I wanted. In fact, I had prayed specifically for this job. I eagerly wanted to work for someone else and rid myself of the responsibility of running my own business – even if it meant sacrificing the success that came with working for myself. […]

Another Perfect Storm

I pulled a sweater over my shoulders and trembled when the thunder crashed with a majestic intensity that can only be described as something from a Thor movie. I do not like storms, and I was not particularly thrilled with this one – even before it rendered my house silent and dark. It was already […]

Too Safe

I won’t say that I enjoy mowing the lawn. Mostly, I do not. I think my particular mower is sort of fun to drive and I like to see the progress as I move along. It’s rewarding, albeit a pain in the rump. I could pay someone to do it. But because it’s something I […]

The Heavy Side

“A little on the heavy side,” my trainer says as he hands me a set of dumbbells. I sigh and reply, “Yes, I know. That’s why I’m here.” We both laugh knowing he was referring to the dumbbells … at least I hope he was referring to the dumbells. The truth is, I didn’t feel […]

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