Not All Kings

It happens all the time. But, as usually is the case when I find myself in questionable territory, this time it was in a drizzling rain. I was heading home after being on the road for days. I was tired, stressed and ready to be home – in my own bed with my dog. I […]

The Things We Give Up

I know going into situations that my career will make some things difficult. Friends won’t understand when I’m required to cancel plans and partners won’t appreciate my lack of availability. Yet, everyone says they “understand.” In fact, most people say my ambition and focus are some of the things they like about me the most. […]

Small Steps

I am by nature very high-strung. Nervous. Excitable. All of the above. To complicate things, I am also very busy. My schedule can get overwhelming. Anyone who knows me well understands that I juggle a lot and can’t always take the time that I would love to for ‘extras’. The extras are usually important to […]

Old Buildings

Every morning on my way to the office, I would pass by an old gray building. To me, this two-story abandoned building was perfect. It was full of potential and I would fantasize about owning and remodeling it. I thought about the offices I could renovate downstairs and maybe two apartments upstairs. The location was […]

Beautiful Things

There are days where it seems impossible to see beauty anywhere – like when you leave your hotel at 3:30 a.m. because you are scheduled for a meeting at 3 p.m. two states away. You manage to wash your hair, but negligently wad it on the top of your head into a messy bun as […]

Don’t Settle – Get What You Ask For

“Is there anything you can’t do?” Great question! This morning, I apparently can’t order coffee properly. I was heading to my first meeting and stopped at my favorite place for coffee. I always order the same thing: a venti flat white with sugar-free vanilla and soy. I ordered, but I noticed on the screen it […]

Those Who Notice

“Did you do something different to your hair?” THANK YOU! As a matter of fact, I did! It feels good to be noticed. I love standing on stage and making people laugh. I love knowing that someone will go back to work or back home feeling centered and refocused after one of my seminars. It […]

What We Do Instead

There are always a million things to be done in a day. And I am one of those people who get them done. There is no wasted time. As a child, I never remember having to be told to do my homework before I could go out and play. I didn’t WANT to go out […]

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