Liar Liar

Do people’s faces look different when they lie? I wonder this silently to myself as an associate embellishes on a lie. In one of my classes, they said that people tend to look to the left when they lie and to the right when they are recalling the truth. I never know if it is […]


I walked out into the garage and raised the garage door. It was already dark, and the rain had not let up. It was the perfect, spooky October night. I opened the back door of my car and placed my travel bags into the backseat. Then, I heard the sound of metal dragging across the […]

Each Moment

I had already completed one assignment, watched six lectures, covered two chapters to fulfill continuing education requirements, taken one test, and finished all my professional and personal obligations for the day. I had run five miles, seen all my scheduled clients, and given the dog a bath. It was a productive day – a typical […]

Wooden Spoons

I had a dream about swallowing a wooden spoon. I almost choked on it but didn’t. After I swallowed it, I tried to cough it back up. It was uncomfortable for a minute, but then I got used to it. In my dream, after having swallowed the wooden spoon, I started having success in everything […]

Don’t Be An Oyster

It’s no secret that I like food. I really enjoy it. But there are some things I have learned in the last week while traveling: 1. It’s inappropriate to order something like sweet potato crème brûlée and french fries together. I know because my company laughed at me when I did. (Both were delicious. Sorry […]


Sometimes it feels like I’m leading a double life. When I’m on the road, my associates need to remind me not to help the bellmen carry my luggage; it’s their job. I still cringe as I hand over my bags. It goes against every single way I was raised – to let someone do what […]

Ready to Run…Again

I felt something peculiar while I was out on my run. Someone was watching me. I picked up my pace. I soon heard footsteps behind me. I looked but saw no one. Still, there was something following me, and I was scared. I looked down at the asphalt ahead of me. Sure enough, there were […]

The Capacity to Care

I teared up a little on the way to the dentist. I adore my dentist and his staff. They are professional and kind – the best of the best. I trust them. That’s why I have no problem going all the way to my hometown to get my teeth cleaned. However, even with their expert […]

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