A Good Reason…

Why am I late? Because my dog is 10 years old. He’s arthritic and has special needs ranging from asthma to hypoglycemia. He has good days, bad days, and in-between days. He rarely has great days when he feels like playing. So, when he does have those unusual great days,

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Rarely do I carry cash. It is just inconvenient. However, a few weeks before Christmas someone gifted me with a wonderful and crisp one-hundred-dollar bill. I was grateful. To say that I am frugal is an understatement. I grew up learning to save money. I don’t need a lot of

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I hate makeup. There I said it. Sure, I put it on and I think I clean up pretty good, but I really hate doing it. Some women love it and that’s great. I wish I did but I don’t. I hate paying for it. I hate applying it. I

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There are little things that just annoy me. I am, after all, human. Though I am encouraged to walk in the Spirit, I still battle with the flesh. Today, the flesh got the better of me because something simple really burnt my biscuit! For clarification, in case you were not

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Being Content

Isn’t it just like me to stare at my vegan hotdog with disgust? Not because it is vegan. I am pescatarian (basically a vegetarian except that I occasionally eat fish). You would think that I would be grateful for the variety of options now available to me but, no. Instead

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New Adventures

I stare into the backseat of my car, curious as to how my dog, Oscar, is going to respond to this new adventure! In nearly 10 years, although a rescue, Oscar has demonstrated zero fear in response to anything. I sit straight up in my bed alarmed on the Fourth

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