The Heavy Side

“A little on the heavy side,” my trainer says as he hands me a set of dumbbells. I sigh and reply, “Yes, I know. That’s why I’m here.” We both laugh knowing he was referring to the dumbbells … at least I hope he was referring to the dumbells. The

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Once or twice each week on my commute, I drive past a house that can barely be seen because the yard is overgrown. I can’t help but wonder how this previously well-manicured lawn became such a mess. As I was driving today, I was also chatting to my associate on

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Puppy Play?!

I have been social distancing for more than a month because of the coronavirus pandemic and I have gone a little insane. If only my favorite Mexican food restaurant and my hair and nail salons would open back up, perhaps things would be different. But as it is, I am

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Like a scene from a sci-fi movie, I enter the grocery store as a number. Number 39. I am greeted by someone whose job is to keep up with my number and know when I enter and exit so that the next civilian can be granted access. I am reminded

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Better Instead

“Ouch!” I let out a not-so-subtle scream from the kitchen. A mildly concerned voice responded from the next room, “Are you okay? What happened?” “I cut my finger.” “Is it bleeding?” I assessed the injury and responded honestly, “Yes, if I squish it.” A not-so-amused voice responded, “Well don’t squish

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I doubt that anyone really expected city offices to be closed, schools to be canceled, and concerts to be postponed. I certainly didn’t expect the impact of the coronavirus. It seemed like a far-off circumstance that would never really reach me or my community. Now, businesses are closed in the

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