Living Differently

Panic began to sink in as I sat at my desk. An overwhelming, unexplainable dread gripped me from somewhere dark. As quickly as I had settled into my day at 4:30am I was now struck with few words and deadlines that refused to offer mercy. With a reluctant hand I started one task after another […]

The Experience of Grief

I recently experienced a loss. I believe loss is subjective. Although some may minimize my experience, it was beyond tragic to me. My heart was broken. I spent a lot of time crying out to God and relying on Him to strengthen me. Although grief, like pain, is subjective, I feel that I am now […]

Another Climb

“Please don’t let me fall.” This was not a spiritual prayer. It was a physical prayer that I mumbled sincerely nearly 20 times the week leading up to the hike up Pinnacle Mountain and about 75 times as the climb began the following Saturday morning. I had made the hike two times before in my […]

Different Today

Today, love looks different. Yesterday, love looked like you would expect love to look. It looked like shared laughter and similar experiences. It looked like mutually beneficial relationships. It looked fun and romantic. It looked easy. Today, it looks like struggle and sacrifice. I got the text “he died.” That was all it said, and […]