Donuts. When I’m at a critically low spot, those delectable delights always seem to be my go-to – my drug of choice. When my nerves are shot and dark circles surround my eyes, I readily admit defeat and head to Shipley’s!

My heart broke recently when I realized that my beloved Shipley’s location had closed. But I needed my fix, so I headed across town in the rain to another dispensary. After entering the bustling store, I waited patiently in line. Finally, when it was my turn to place my order, my spirits lifted as I asked for one, and only one, strawberry glazed donut.

As I began to feel better, the woman behind me growled, “Did you get the last strawberry donut?” I replied meekly, “I got a strawberry donut; I don’t know if it was the last one.” My answer clearly being unsatisfactory, she rolled her eyes and stormed out!

Had I not already been worn out, I would have recognized her behavior as more of a reflection on her and less on my “misconduct” in ordering the highly desirable and rare strawberry glazed donut.

But I was exhausted. So, I went back to my car with my prized donut feeling embarrassed, confused and a little sick to my stomach.

Here’s the secret … even the strongest and most successful people you know are hurting for reasons that you can’t understand. Everyone is vulnerable. Your actions and words in moments of stress and anger can quickly cause damage that you can’t always repair. In the same way, your words can heal and give hope to the most discouraged of people.

Everyone has “Oh-donuts-kind-of-days” – even me. But it really comes down to this, if you’ve ever made me laugh, know that I love you. If you’ve ever seen me cry, know that I trust you, and that’s not something that comes easy for me. If you’ve done both, you’ve been given the opportunity to make my life unbelievably beautiful or unbelievably painful, maybe both.

We all have the capacity to influence people, those we meet for a second and those we meet for a lifetime. Your actions are not just your own in terms of their consequences. They have the capacity for changing someone’s entire world.

So, choose your words with love and your actions with care. And always remember, even if you occasionally get the last strawberry glazed donut, you truly are something special in this life.

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