Each Moment

I had already completed one assignment, watched six lectures, covered two chapters to fulfill continuing education requirements, taken one test, and finished all my professional and personal obligations for the day. I had run five miles, seen all my scheduled clients, and given the dog a bath. It was a productive day – a typical day in my life really.

I’m very protective of my time because I have so little of it. That’s why I hesitated when one of my favorite people asked me to run. I wanted to run with him, but there were a million reasons I could give not to do so. On the top of the list, I was preparing a marketing campaign that demanded a lot of my attention. I was struggling to schedule a conference in Michigan in which I had been asked to participate.

On a personal note, I was feeling particularly insecure because my last travel opportunity had rendered me a few pounds heavier than I was a month previously. All the stress I had been enduring had caused yet another acne breakout and I reasoned that I probably couldn’t keep up with him anyway.

But on the other hand, my embarrassing moments have made up a significant portion of my speaking success. So, what’s the worst that could happen – another ridiculous blog? As far as time, this is someone I have looked up to for years, I could make the time, couldn’t I? And so what if I’m a few pounds heavier? More to love, right?

So, I did it! I walked more than ran because I was chatting nervously the entire time. I did not keep up with him AT ALL and that was okay. It was a poor performance on my part. But it didn’t matter. I had a great time and I learned a lot about one of my heroes. I may never get the opportunity again. That is also something that’s okay because for 45 minutes, I was in the company of someone who inspired me.

Don’t miss the moments that may never come again. Lots of opportunities only come once. Don’t be sorry for jumping in when you get the chance. Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t hide anything. Just trust that everything happens for a reason. No one can take away the moments that you’ve already had. So, whatever it is, go for it. Don’t make excuses. Don’t overthink it. Just take the experience for what it is and look forward to whatever may come next.

Each moment could change everything … or it could change nothing. Either way, it’s yours for the taking. Enjoy it.

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