Faith and Rain

I roll my eyes and look out the window. The sun would be nice, but it’s raining again instead. I wonder why I can’t have snow and sunshine concurrently all of the time. Of course, some people enjoy storms. The weather will never be ideal for everyone.

So, because it can’t be perfect outside, I surrender to the shelter inside my home. I try to find solace in knowing that somewhere someone is laughing at the rain. Still, the thunder makes me reflective and my thoughts are not easily distracted from the past. I pick up a book and immediately think of the person who recommended it. A quick message and I am reminded that people are kind, God is good, and I am safe.

It seems too often that we waste sunshine fearing the next storm or thinking about the last. The promotion we got passed over on, the relationship that didn’t work out, or the words that broke our hearts. We are prone to get caught up in things that have gone wrong and we rob ourselves of the joy that is ours. We waste good weather.

More and more in my life, I am realizing the importance of community. It’s not like me to reach out to other people. I lie to myself all the time when I convince myself that words don’t hurt me and that my independence is a strength. I convince myself that I am confident with what I bring to the table and I certainly won’t starve by myself. But the truth is, last Saturday I needed help. The girl who inspires others found herself anxious and, if I’m honest, a bit scared. There was a time in my life when I would not have humbled myself enough to ask for help but we all need help sometimes.

In business and in life, get a mentor and be a mentor. Get a friend and be a friend. Forgive each other and trust each other. Be someone who can be trusted. Life is not something we should try to do alone. With all that we can do for ourselves, we can’t do it all. Strong people break and everyone gets lonely. No one is exempt from bad weather.

It sometimes takes someone amazing reminding us that without the storms the day could never shine so bright. Like Mark R. McMinn in his book Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling wrote:“I wonder if beauty is more striking in the midst of pain.” (McMinn, 2011. p.xv). Certainly, not all storms can be avoided – but what a beautiful opportunity to trust God through them.

Sometimes, it’s people we never expect who we feel compelled to reach out to without knowing why. And when we do, we find exactly what we didn’t know we needed so badly. Sometimes the storms rattle us to our core. Trust that the sun is still there even when we can’t see it. God is still working even when we can’t feel it. Our security is not in what we can see or feel, but in what our spirits testify to in faith. Like a message from someone amazing on a rainy day, faith is just more profound when it contradicts circumstances.

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