Fear Not!

My sweet niece just had a birthday and I can’t believe how fast she is growing. As I reflect on the many ways that she has blessed our lives, I remember one incident in particular. It was during a tornado when my brother, his wife, and little Emmy took shelter.

For those of you who have never experienced a tornado, let me tell you, there’s nothing like it. From the sounds to just the feeling in the air before one hits, it’s scary to say the least.

I asked Emmy afterwards if she was scared. Her response, “No, I kept live baby during the volcano.” She confused volcanoes at the time with tornadoes, but she kept her doll safe during the storm. Even in her innocence, she understood that she had no room for her own fear when she was taking care of something or someone else.

We are all scared senseless of something. Regardless of who you are or what you are made of, you will one day sit in a doctor’s office for yourself or someone you love and wait for test results that scare you.

You will one day, if you haven’t already, switch jobs, move cities, lose loved ones, take a dreaded exam, or participate in an event that is terrifying. You will make choices that are not easy and experience your own storms as you watch your family and finances struggle.

These things happen all the time, yet God tells us to “Fear not!” many times throughout the Bible. How do you fear not when big and scary things happen all around you? The Bible makes it clear. The answer is to love.

The Bible teaches that “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear…” (1John 4:18 NIV) When we recognize that everyone is scared and amid storms, we can alleviate our own fears and theirs – by focusing on keeping them safe.

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