Finding Pennies

By 10 a.m. I’ve read my Bible, prayed for my family and friends, cleaned my apartment, started a load of laundry, completed social media management demands for three companies, seen two clients, stopped by the office, finished one errand, literally ran three miles, and followed up with stretching. By noon I’ve devoted time to playing the piano, led two group training classes, and scheduled multiple meetings for the following week.

It may seem strange that, among my many professional demands, I’ve allotted time for playing the piano and studying the Bible. But those moments when I slow down are vital to my day’s success.

I love running downtown. I love the activity of people as they come alive with the city. This morning, I even established a personal record with my run. I dodged familiar traffic and felt pleased with my pace.

My run was great, but the reward for my efforts came at the end of my workout during the cool-down walk. I looked down and saw a shiny penny, its head up on the pavement, in front of me. If I hadn’t taken the time to slow down, I would have missed this reminder that “everything will be okay.”

Some people believe that pennies are good luck. I’ve never known finding money to be bad luck. I’ve heard people say they pick up every penny they come across because of the inscription “In God We Trust.” That’s a very good reason to pick up a shiny penny indeed! I pick them up because they make me smile.

Slowing down during the day, especially at the beginning of the day as I do to devote time to Bible study and prayer, allows us to notice shiny pennies – those unique moments and blessings that we might otherwise overlook or ignore.

I devote the first part of my day to time with Jesus. I consult Him about my family, my business, and just about anything else on my mind. I enjoy a cup of coffee as I read His word. Although I sometimes struggle with understanding what has been written, I find peace and wisdom in His instructions. This establishes the tone for the remainder of my day.

The time I spend playing the piano mid-morning, I just enjoy. I make time for that because it calms the chaos that could easily overwhelm me during each day. It’s just another shiny penny that I give to myself.

This fast-paced world in which we live is fun. It’s exciting – full of possibilities and responsibilities. But it’s very easy to lose our focus and faith. We all need to slow down. Because when all is said and done, we want to be able to remember those special moments – finding pennies.

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