I Have a Driver!

During a recent business trip, I found myself waiting in a hotel lobby in Alabama and fuming when my driver was a few minutes late. I assumed that he had been the victim of a terrible accident. I couldn’t imagine any other reason why he would make me wait. My thoughts raced. I would soon be late for my scheduled appearance. How would I explain this to the people who had trusted me to show up on time and speak about having life organized?!

At this point, I really needed to visit the little girl’s room. But I just knew that as soon as I did, my driver would show up and leave without me. I picked up my phone; a quick glance at the screen showed me that he was now 18 minutes late. I decided I could no longer hold the two cups of coffee I had consumed hours before.

This would not be a big deal, except I felt that I should explain the situation to the front desk staff. “Please, I need to use the girl’s room really, really quick,” I said. “If my driver gets here, please, please, please don’t let him leave without me!” Just like that, another full minute wasted. I went more quickly than normal and returned to the lobby. Still no driver.

I began to panic that I had missed him. But the front desk clerk assured me that I had not. I called the company to confirm. They informed me that he was on his way. As I sat there waiting, I had the opportunity to introduce myself to the hotel’s general manager – who promptly booked me for an additional speaking gig!

After I sat back down, I came to the realization that this situation, like everything else in my life, had been organized by a loving God. When my driver arrived, he was a charming young gentleman. We had a blast talking the entire way to my destination. At some point during the drive, I reflected on a time in my life when I did not know how I would pay for gas to get to my job. Another time I cried because I needed to replace a tire that I could not afford to replace.

I was ashamed to realize how silly I had been to fume when my driver was a few minutes late. I have a driver! How humbling it was to know that I had doubted the sovereignty of my God in this small matter, when He had used so many of these small matters to bless the bigger picture that is my life.

It is difficult to remember that even the most frustrating and, sometimes, the most painful things in our lives can work to our good. Today I was reminded that I have a driver! Not the bright young man who showed up to escort me in a silver unmarked Lincoln, but an omnipresent God who continually leads me faithfully.

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