Keeping the Plant Alive

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I have been at my office exactly once this week. It is Friday. This is sadly typical as most of my time is spent working out of hotel rooms and in the car in between off-site client consults. I signed the lease on my space months ago and have yet to meet all the folks in the offices near mine. In fact, just this morning I was greeted by a lady two doors from my own, which I had never met. She was lovely and professional and I did my best to look just as professional in my faded blue jeans and casual blue sweater. I think my efforts were lost when I felt the need to explain that I am not a slacker but rather a hard working entrepreneur who just truly does not have time to deal with such absurdities as paperwork. What came out of my mouth instead was, “I only make it to the office occasionally, mainly to keep my plant alive.” A quick glance in the direction of my office revealed that this too was not a high priority. Dang glass door. My poor plant.

I want to be able to sum up this story with a profound thought. I want to apply practical applications about time management. Today, I can't. My plant is not at it's greatest but it's hanging in there and so am I. Success is defined differently from day to day and some days the best you can hope for is to keep the dadgum plant alive.

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