Not All Kings

It happens all the time. But, as usually is the case when I find myself in questionable territory, this time it was in a drizzling rain. I was heading home after being on the road for days. I was tired, stressed and ready to be home – in my own bed with my dog. I was lost in thoughts of my flannel sheets and new pillows when my low gas indicator light came on.

Shoot, I should have filled up sooner. I really didn’t know where I was. When I didn’t need a gas station, there were thousands. Now, in need of just one, I saw no indication that there would be an opportunity to fill up for miles and miles.

I turned on my navigation system. I trust my navigation. She (yep, it’s a she and sometimes I call her Sheila) reassured me that there was a gas station nine miles away. I trust Sheila … until I’m eight miles from the next exit and see nothing. No lights. No life. And sure as heck, no gas. But who am I to doubt my navigation? Surely this equipment has some information that I’m not privy to. I trust the GPS for no other reason than it is GPS.

I took the exit as directed and turned left. Maybe it’s a mile or so down the road, I thought to myself. But when I “arrived at my destination,” there was only a vacant lot. I was terrified and realized I had wasted precious fuel in pursuit of a phantom truck stop. GPS or not, I was lost.

Thankfully, I was able to correct myself. And I did find a reasonable place to fill up – just in time.

There will be many people you encounter in your life. There will be many doctrines, many opinions and lots of advice. It will seem reasonable to assume that the more esteemed of these is correct. You may hear your inner voice warning you that something is not right. Listen to that voice. Don’t convince yourself that someone or something is best for you just because of who they are or what it is.

Kings come from a lineage of prestige. They inherit their positions. Their names ensure their positions. This doesn’t mean that you should follow their lead. Sometimes the best leaders, the ones we should follow, come from unexpected places. The kid who always protected her siblings growing up in foster care, you can bet she will protect you too. The single father, who worked two, sometimes three jobs to provide for his family, he will work hard for you, too. The people who made mistakes and made a comeback, they know the way to greatness.

You won’t always see the best leaders in the front. On the contrary, you seldom ever see the best leaders in the front. Why? Because the best leaders are only in front when arrows start to fly-when the front is the front line of battle. Mostly they stand behind their people and beside their people. Ready to catch, ready to motivate and ready to carry their team when the need arises. Being royalty is glamorous. Being a leader is hard work. So learn the difference – because not all kings are leaders and not all leaders are kings.

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