It’s raining. I’m tired. It’s out of the way. I’m too busy. Yes, there were a million reasons not to lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement. It’s easy to list the reasons not to do something uncomfortable but I, being the business gal that I am, have a personal policy. Unless I am physically sick, there’s lightning, or it’s icy, I will make time for a run.

There is magic in policies. They carry with them a certain weight that is unarguably persuasive. Policies act as their own entities – independent of who created or approved them. They shield you from liability and protect you from having to maneuver situations originally with each occurrence. Policies keep decisions from being personal. I have had situations where I have had to discontinue working with contractors. Policies made the process less about them or me, and more about written standards that were not achieved. It was not my decision any longer, it was policy.

As a side note, for goodness gracious sakes, please write down your policies. Even if it’s just inclement weather policies for your personal running routine, write them down. It makes them official and, in business, will shield you from mountains of liability.

As Christians, we have a policy that is of eternal authority- the Bible. Within this sacred text, we can rest secure in knowing what ‘policy’ is and what it is not. Sometimes, multiple times each hour, I must remind myself that such things as jealousy, conceit, and anger go against policy. I know that going against this policy would result in eternal condemnation except for the best Human Resource Authority in the world defending me! Jesus paid the ultimate price for my insubordination. Because of His sacrifice, I am offered grace wherein I ask for forgiveness, trust that His grace is sufficient, and move forward with the assignments He has entrusted to me. 

And, just like my running policy helps to keep me healthy and physically fit, adhering to Biblical standards is not necessarily always easy or comfortable, but it keeps me spiritually focused and fit.

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