Something Like Magic

When I’m on the road, it always amazes me that I can leave my room and when I return it’s like a brand-new room. When I first started traveling, I would make my bed the way I was always taught. You get up, you make your bed. That’s what happens. However, one time I didn’t make my bed in a hotel room and when I returned it was made anyway! This might sound silly to someone who has grown up much differently than I did, but to me …. Wow!

And then it occurred to me… I do the dishes at my house. I also do the laundry. I sometimes feel like a maid. In business, I sometimes feel like a minion. But now I understand. I am neither a minion nor a maid…I am magic!

The beautiful truth is that we are all magic. All those little things that aren’t being acknowledged by your peers, your family, your employers, or anyone else are in fact being noticed. And while it’s nice to hear verbal confirmation of a job well done, we don’t always get that. Sure, it’s discouraging. Sure, it’s frustrating. But sometimes we need to be content to know that we are magic. It’s inspiring to know that what we do matters.

Our children may never know how their homework got into their backpacks the next morning, our partners may never understand how their dirty laundry cleaned itself and reappeared in the closet, and you know what, that’s okay. It’s okay to let magic be magic. And you, darling, are certainly magical.

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