Start Today

Eighteen degrees! The wind cut through my layers and my body begged me to stop short of my 16-mile commitment. The mental compromise had begun!

It was much too cold. I would not run 16 miles.

Instead, I would run one mile and then go back to the car. That made two miles.

With two miles completed, I committed to run two more away from the car and two back, which would add a four-mile run to the two. That made six.

With six complete, I felt confident that I could run three away from the car and back for a total of 12.

It seemed a shame to stop now. I could run two more away and turn back. Another four-mile run made 16!

A bit later, I sat at my desk looking over an abundance of to-dos. In fact, there were so many to-dos on my list that I couldn’t start any of them! I was frozen. I took a deep breath and highlighted three tasks: 1. The most important. 2. The most urgent, and 3. The most time consuming.

I committed to getting the most important task accomplished. Done. After that, I encouraged my still-somewhat-reluctant self to get the most urgent task finished. Done. Next, I followed through in completing the most time-consuming task. Done. It seemed a shame to stop now, as I was on a roll – so I continued down the list completing task after task.

If you think you can’t run 16 miles, run one mile. If you think you can’t write a book, write one page. You just need to start somewhere and start now. You never know what you might accomplish today.

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