Those Who Notice

“Did you do something different to your hair?” THANK YOU! As a matter of fact, I did! It feels good to be noticed.

I love standing on stage and making people laugh. I love knowing that someone will go back to work or back home feeling centered and refocused after one of my seminars. It goes without saying that when you are in the front of the room, people will notice. When you do something great, people notice. When people notice the less obvious, that’s when it really makes a difference…like when you get your hair trimmed.

There are a million ways that people can tell us they care. People all do things a little differently. What is important is that we recognize when people try … when they notice. Not everyone will make grand gestures. Some people will ask you how your day was. Some people will make sure that you’re wearing extra layers when it’s cold outside.

“Did you eat?” “Let’s grab lunch.” “Did you do something different to your hair?” Hang on to those people. They may not always show affection the way that you expect, but their effort is extremely rare and attractive.

Pay attention to the friends who tell you good morning and the ones who get up early to meet for coffee because it fits YOUR schedule. And if they give you casual hugs and make fun of your truck…it’s probably because they don’t know how to tell you that they think you’re amazing or … you drive a Ford.

Be someone who notices. Look after your friends and never take for granted someone who is trying. In short, notice those who notice because they are forever kind of folks.

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