I doubt that anyone really expected city offices to be closed, schools to be canceled, and concerts to be postponed. I certainly didn’t expect the impact of the coronavirus. It seemed like a far-off circumstance that would never really reach me or my community. Now, businesses are closed in the interest of public safety. I never expected this.

Several of the companies that I am contracted with are having difficulty securing materials needed to complete projects. Because they are becoming increasingly unable to complete projects, costs will need to be cut in other areas. Perhaps in areas such as consulting, speaking, and coaching… Yes, I am concerned.

Having said this, it is important to stay positive. First, I am reminded of a time in my life when I first went into business. I had $2,000 and spent a third of that hiring an attorney to set up my LLC. It was scary but it was also exciting. I learned to work hard as I trusted in God to provide wisdom in recognizing and seizing opportunities. So, this hiccup when put into perspective professionally… no worries. I know that God has given me everything I need to build something great, or even to rebuild something great if necessary.

I have been eating with associates in restaurants less and eating at home with my family more. The circumstances are not the best, but the opportunity to reconnect with family in this way is not like anything I ever expected. It’s nice.

My initial reaction to client consults being canceled was somewhat unexpected but so was the time available to call and chat with my brother and his family. I’ve talked to them more in the last two weeks than I have in the last two months.

I’ve had my first day off in almost two years and, I’ve spent it exactly as I’ve always fantasized about such a day, at home in my pjs watching reruns of old sitcoms I enjoyed in high school. I didn’t expect a day off but I’ve expected very little of what is happening in our world right now. I never know what is next and, if I’m honest, that’s a bit unsettling.

It shouldn’t take a virus to slow us down and remind us of what matters most- everything from communicating with our families to practicing good hygiene. It shouldn’t take chaos to increase our faith- but sometimes it does. This time, it has. It appears that the unexpected is becoming the new norm and people are understandably frightened. It is up to us to educate ourselves, protect our communities, and seize the unexpected opportunities that come with this experience.

This is the perfect time to rest and reconnect with folks in creative ways. This is an ideal moment to clean and organize that spare room in your home. Work a puzzle. Read a book, better yet, read your Bible! Pray. Pray for your family, your friends, your associates, your city, your country, and your whole world. Pray that this will pass quickly. Pray for small businesses. Pray for healthcare professionals. Pray for your government. You have unexpected free time, so use it to think of others and lift them up in prayer.

The unexpected can be scary but it can also be full of potential- potential for personal growth, increased faith, and, even, improved well-being. Be smart. Be safe. Be encouraged. “This too shall pass.”

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