Website Woes

First, let me say that the tech genius who manages my website is wonderful. God puts people into our lives and our businesses for a reason! I would never ever in a million years attempt to do my own taxes. I have a wonderful and intelligent tax professional for that. So why on God’s green earth did I think I could make changes to my own website without Andrew’s assistance? Let me start from the beginning.

I had a little extra time and I thought, “I can do this.” And I did … sort of. I made a few changes to the homepage and “about me” pages that went effortlessly. I was feeling proud of myself and was glad that I did not have to bother Andrew. After all, he is a busy professional, a loving husband to his gorgeous wife, and a father of two beautiful children. I justified my attempt in this way.

However, what a mess I made when I attempted to edit the “Book Autumn” page of my website! Suddenly, there were subheadings that mysteriously showed up, topics I did not endorse, and literally foreign languages. I could have cried. Okay, I did a little.

I quickly jumped on my phone and sent off an onslaught of urgent messages to Andrew explaining in obsessive detail and an overabundance of crying emojis just what I had done with the end line being the same as the beginning, “Help me!!!!!!!” Now, with an intense fear of being forever fired as a client, I wait not so patiently for him to resolve my issues and bill me accordingly.

From a spiritual perspective, this is what happens in our life. too. We take control instead of taking our issues to God. We have a little extra time and a pocket full of justifications. We do alright in the beginning and the devil dances deceitfully in our minds convincing us that we can handle anything with our own resources, maneuverings, and manipulations. We are confident as we move forward with a mysterious and somewhat unsettling ease until something happens – be it as simple as a muddled website or as severe as a family tragedy. Suddenly, our situation is far worse than before as we cry out, “Help me!”

Sometimes, the things that happen to us because of our own misjudgments provide for wonderful opportunities for reconciliation with Christ. As scripture reminds us, “pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18, ESV). These falls lead to humble places where God’s grace can multiply in our lives.

Returning to a professional perspective, I want to encourage you to learn from these experiences. Do not be impatient. Do not get cocky. Let your team help you. Sit down for this next word of advice because it may come as a shock; we do not know everything! Hire experts! Do not do your own taxes if you are not qualified. Do not wax your own eyebrows if you are not experienced, and do not attempt to change your own website if you have no clue what you are doing. God truly does place people in our lives for a purpose. Trust His plan.

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