Working in Circles

I drive around the block; there’s not a single parking space. I do the same, still no parking space. I make yet another circle. Momentarily, I am tempted to park illegally. I’ll only be a minute. No. I drive around again. Still no parking space. I refuse to park two blocks away. I have already done a pretty darn impressive run today and by now, I am rocking some wonderful black heels. I circle again. After spending so much time, I finally find a nice space.

By my second circle, onlookers must have thought I was crazy. Partially, they would be correct. Clearly, I have issues. By circle three, I was tempted to park illegally. Clearly, that would not have ended well. By circle four, I begin to think I should give up. But that fifth circle…. that was the ticket! What if I had stopped after the first circle? Or the fourth? I would have lost a great space and ruined a great pair of new shoes.

Sometimes when you’re chasing a dream, it will feel like driving in circles. It won’t take long before people are looking at you like you’re crazy and, before you know it, you’re discouraged and ready to give up. You may also look at people succeeding in dishonest ways and consider doing it “the easy way”. Don’t. By giving up or by acting unethically, you will compromise something important to you, be it your integrity, your freedom, your dream, or your shoes.

Don’t give up. You might not find what you’re looking for right away. Just like you won’t get fit with one trip to the gym, you won’t experience success in any arena of your life without doing the right thing over and over and over again. Don’t get discouraged. Trust me, those circles lead to great places.

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